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Human Resources Coordinator

We are a 250-student, 45-year-old, toddler-through-ninth-grade, independent school located in Greensboro, North Carolina, and we are accredited by both the American Montessori Society and the Southern Association of Independent Schools. With a fantastic group of 63 faculty and staff, supportive and engaged families, a clear long-range plan, a 37-acre satellite environmental education campus, a strong financial portfolio, a $3.9M annual operating budget, and a fantastic board of trustees, our school is thriving.

Every day, our faculty and staff work to “nurture and challenge” our 250 students. We seek to hire a human resources coordinator who wants to “nurture and challenge” our 63 employees. We offer an unbeatable workplace culture composed of caring people who are passionate about our work and our School; we see ourselves as both a family and a business. We know that human resources is needed in every business; however, we seek a human resources coordinator who intentionally wants to work within a school culture.

Troubleshooting, critical thinking, exceptional communication and listening, compassion, flexibility, and customer service skills are paramount for this position. The successful candidate will have the ability to serve as a link between all employees and our head of school. Always available to help employees, they know their support is often done in the background and without adulation. Some of the most important work is close and proactive attention to a wide variety of human resources details. And, of course, all the work and content known is done within complete confidentiality.

The human resources coordinator works closely with and reports to both the director of finance and the head of school. The position is being adjusted for next year, so the exact responsibilities between the director of finance and the human resources coordinator may shift, but here are some of the key responsibilities:

  • Preparing and maintaining employment records related to hiring and termination, including employment and separation agreements, professional development hours, and employee vacation and leave days.
  • Staying informed about, interpreting, maintaining compliance with, and enforcing human resources policies, procedures, laws, standards, and regulations such as I-9, FLSA/EEOC/DOL, DOT/DMV/CDL/Drug Testing (bus drivers).
  • Managing the process and logistics of hiring and serving on all hiring teams (in a school environment, the human resources coordinator is not responsible for making actual hiring decisions, but rather managing the process).
  • Conducting initial and ongoing reference or background checks on employees.
    Overseeing new employee orientation and training.
  • Administering workers compensation and employee injury claims.
  • Listening to employees and knowing when to step in to help, when to give feedback, and when to involve the head of school.
  • Helping oversee substitute teachers, including stepping in to classes to help if needed.
  • Partnering with the director of finance for payroll processing, benefits enrollment, accounts payable, and other bookkeeping duties.
  • Acting as the School’s self-harm and suicide intervention point person.
  • Partnering with the director of admissions as registrar for all student records and ensuring those records follow students through to subsequent schools.

Our School is a great place to be for students and adults, alike. If you are a committed and passionate human resources professional who also has a love for a school environment, we want to meet you. This position ideally starts June 1, 2020. If you are interested in joining our team, please email a (1) cover letter and (2) résumé to Heather Goggin​.