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Community Association

GMS Community Association (GMSCA)

Mission Statement of the GMSCA: The GMS Community Association is a dynamic, inclusive organization that strives to enrich the school experience for all. We foster a vibrant school community, and serve to bridge and connect home and school while supporting the mission and goals of GMS.

The GMS Community Association (GMSCA):

  • Collaborates to respond to community needs,
  • Communicates openly and regularly,
  • Facilitates opportunities for cultural and social gatherings,
  • Supports volunteerism,
  • And cultivates an outreach and support network for GMS families.

All GMS parents, extended family members, teachers and staff are considered members of the GMS Community Association (GMSCA), and are invited to participate in the association’s activities. Opportunities for involvement abound!

The work of the GMSCA is guided collaboratively by a Steering Committee that meets monthly (or more often as needed) and includes representatives from each GMSCA committee, each division (including toddler, primary, lower el, upper el and junior high) and the GMS staff.

Each division is also represented on the Steering Committee by a Division Coordinator, who serves as a liaison to room parents volunteering at each level.

The Steering Committee is facilitated by a Lead Coordinator(s) who holds the global view of all GMSCA activities to promote interdependence and cohesiveness in the work of individual committees toward the vision of the GMSCA.

The most visible way you will see the GMSCA in action is through GMSCA-sponsored events, teacher appreciation initiatives, and community volunteering:

  • Events – The largest event we plan every year is the Fall Festival, a family-centered Sunday afternoon featuring dozens of activities for our entire student population. We also organize the School’s International Fair, an annual celebration our community’s cultural diversity through music, food, art, and fun. We also host coffee socials on campus and community gatherings at local businesses.
  • Teacher Support and Appreciation – The GMSCA supports designated room parents who work directly with your teachers and help coordinate other parent volunteers needed to plan and execute many of the fun and educational activities our students love. Throughout the year, we also provide organized opportunities through which families can express appreciation for our professional educators.
  • Community Volunteering – Our School partners with BackPack Beginnings to help fulfill this local nonprofit’s mission: to deliver child-centric services to feed, comfort and clothe children in need. In addition to coordinating food drives, we also sponsor Peeler Open Elementary. Parent volunteers make weekly deliveries to Peeler students who need child-friendly, nutritious food to fill the weekend food gap.Finance and Fundraising Committee – keeping the GMSCA ‘in the black’ and supporting fundraising for the school

Fall Festival

With the help of countless volunteers, in-kind activity contributors and sponsors, the School welcomed hundreds of past, present and future families for an afternoon of good old-fashioned fun at our annual Fall Festival.


International Fair 2016

International Fair