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January 30, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Greensboro Montessori School
2856 Horse Pen Creek Rd
Greensboro, NC 27410
John Archambault, Upper Elementary faculty

Upper Elementary Fare Faire Performance

montessori theater performing arts fare faireFare Faire is an annual theatrical production presented by students in Upper Elementary. Students write the script based on a historical novel they’ve read in class. Sixth graders lead the entire production, with fourth and fifth graders acting each scene. Some of the leadership roles the sixth graders take on are director, producer, decorations manager, costume designer, sound technician, and more.

This year’s Fare Faire is based on “The Odyssey.” The book is set in Greece and around the Mediterranean. In the performance Odysseus, a Greek king and warrior is trying to return home to Ithaca from the Trojan War. On the way he runs into many obstacles. Come to Fare Faire to see how Odysseus fares (pun intended).

New in 2020, students will offer two performances of the show; one earlier in the week during the school day for fellow students and this evening production.