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Alicia Rowan

Alicia Rowan

Lead Primary Teacher, P3
  • Appointed in 2013
  • AMS Montessori Primary Teaching Credential 2017
  • North Carolina Early Childhood Credential
  • Certified Fitness Trainer (AFPA)

Alicia Rowan – Q & A September 2016

Q: How did you first get interested in Montessori education?

Alicia: I had never even heard of Montessori education until my daughter Jasmine enrolled as a kindergartener at Erwin Montessori School (a magnet elementary school program in Guilford County Schools). Even then I still asked questions about why the desks weren’t lined up in rows. Then when she started 2nd grade and my son entered kindergarten, I began volunteering in the classroom as a room parent. Only then did I really start to see and appreciate how it all works.

Q: What brought you to Greensboro Montessori School?

Alicia: I worked as the director of fitness programs at the Bryan YMCA in downtown Greensboro for 13 years and then realized that I needed a change of pace so that I could be more present with my own children. It just so happened that I met Gabriela Spang while we were both doing community theater and rehearsing for The Wizard of Oz. She was working in the Toddler program at GMS and told me about a part-time opening in the after school CASA program. That is how it all began. I thoroughly enjoyed working as the CASA program director for three years and am excited for this new opportunity to work full-time in a Primary class while pursuing my Montessori teacher certification.

Q: What have you enjoyed most about your Montessori training program so far?

Alicia: When I first started working at GMS, I used to notice really interesting materials on the shelves while I was in the classroom assisting teachers during their lunch breaks. I would wonder what they were for and how the children would use them. Now I recognize them from my training and I know their purpose. It gives you a whole new perspective when you understand the purpose behind the work. The Montessori materials that really fascinate me right now are the sensorial materials and specifically the different sets of knobbed and knobless cylinders. One my new students is deeply interested in them right now and I love watching him work with each set and distinguish the different dimensions and sizes.

knobbed cylinders