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Doug Williams

Doug Williams

Upper School Math Teacher

Doug Williams has been a math instructor since 1991. He joined our upper school faculty in 2005. In addition to teaching math at GMS, Doug is the proprietor of a math tutorial service. He has training and experience in the SAT/GRE preparation, Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Trignometry and Algebra I/II/III.

The GMS Middle School Math program involves an in-depth study of mathematical and basic geometric concepts. The purpose of the program is to help the students develop an understanding, not only of the principles of mathematics and geometry, but also of the relevance and application of mathematics and geometry to their intellectual growth and their everyday lives, as well as to society as a whole. We do this through a comprehensive program of direct instruction, independent practice of computation skills, and individualized or group practice of problem-solving skills in abstract and practical situations. Our goal is for each child to leave the GMS as a well-rounded Algebra student with an appreciation of the role of numbers in our lives. Because most high school math courses are Algebra-based, we provide each child with a solid foundation in algebraic principles to help them to excel in further study of mathematics and geometry when they leave GMS.

The curriculum is implemented as follows:

An incoming 6th level typically will be on a one to two year pre-algebra course of study. The student will then engage in a one-year study of algebra, which will include an introduction to high school level geometry.

Incoming 6th level students who complete a one-year pre-algebra course of study will proceed to a two-year algebra study, which also will include an introduction to geometry. This will allow for in-depth studies of algebraic concepts so that, upon entering high school, those students may take honors level Geometry or honors level Algebra II.