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Marie van Vuuren

Music Ensemble Teacher

Marie Stone-van Vuuren has over 20 years’ teaching experience and was named as Greensboro Montessori School’s music ensemble teacher in 2019. She is also the owner of her own business focused on private and group classical guitar instruction. She has also taught in local public and private schools.

In addition to her musical talents, Marie has extensive leadership training. She’s completed the Leading Creatively and Leadership Development programs at Center for Creative Leadership, attained the apprentice level in the Musician Leadership Program at Music for People; and completed Every Child Can with the Suzuki Association of the Americas, Inc. She is also a member of Music for People, the Suzuki Association of the Americas, Inc., the Guitar Foundation of America, and the Piedmont Classic Guitar Society.

Marie is a well-qualified and inspirational teacher who is passionate about making music accessible to all ages and levels. Her experience, empathy, patience, creativity, and growth-oriented mindset make her a top-standing guitar teacher in our community. She believes there are no “un-musical” people, only those who are in need of musical experience. Her personal mission is to nurture students of all ages, to draw out the musician within by customizing lessons to fit learning styles and offering experiences to explore new ways of musical expression, as soloists and in groups. She plays guitar, ukulele, Native American flute, hand drums, and piano.