Toddler Curriculum Night

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Toddler Curriculum Night is specifically designed to highlight the growth and development of students ages 18 to 36 months old, while also building community within the individual Toddler classrooms and the division as a whole.

Families must register in advance to receive their personal login credentials to join our Zoom meeting. Due to the visual nature of the evening, families will only be able to join Toddler Curriculum Night through their web browser or the Zoom app. As always, the choice to share video will be up to you, and we will record each meeting for families who are unable to join us.

We’ll begin the meeting with a broad overview of the Toddler curriculum from our director of lower school, Missy McClure. Then, Toddler teachers will join their families in breakout rooms for their respective Pod. A teacher from each Pod will present from the classroom, providing a virtual tour of the learning environment and highlighting specific Montessori works. Supporting faculty and staff will join from their homes to help describe the works and review the social, emotional, and physical needs of their students. Last, but certainly not least, families will also have an opportunity to introduce themselves to each other.

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