Extended Care

Greensboro Montessori School offers extended care through the Children’s After-School Activities program, simply known as CASA. CASA supports our families’ busy lives by providing an extension of the Montessori environment before and after our academic day. Subject to availability, CASA is open to all Primary, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary and Junior High students on days in which they attend class and School is operating on a normal schedule.

Students participating in CASA are divided into age groups matching those of their Montessori classrooms. During CASA, students enjoy age-appropriate, enriching activities that inspire imaginative, creative and cooperative play. This approach allows students to decompress after the rigorous academic day while still developing social, emotional and cognitive skills in a safe, respectful environment. Last but not least, students enjoy a daily nutritious afternoon snack provided by the School.

CASA Programming

All-Inclusive CASA: All-Inclusive CASA is ideal for families who need care before and after school, five days a week. Participating families enjoy Early-Bird CASA beginning at 7:30 a.m. and After-School CASA until 6 p.m. on all days the School is operating on a normal schedule. The program is further enhanced by virtual after-school enrichments (e.g., art, music, etc.) and an abundance of outdoor play, providing fun, safe, and physically engaging activities throughout the year. All-Inclusive CASA also provides care from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on many days when the School is closed, such as teacher workdays, parent-teacher conference days, and select holidays (as noted on the School’s calendar).

Early-Bird CASA: Early-Bird CASA is perfect for families who only need care in the morning before school starts (as early as 7:30 a.m.).

After-School CASA: After-School CASA is the solution for families who need after-school care on certain days of the week. Contracts are available for three days of After-School CASA per week. Please note, After-School CASA does not include care on days when the School is closed but All-Inclusive CASA is open, even if the day falls on one of your contracted days of the week.

CASA Fees and Registration

CASA fees for enrolled students are based on age level. We offer a wide variety or payment options:

  • Annually with total payment due September 1
  • Quarterly with four (4) payments dues in June, September, December and March
  • Nine (9) monthly payments beginning in September continuing through May
  • Twelve (12) monthly payments beginning in June continuing through May

Please click on the below button to download our CASA Registration Form and view our current fee structure. Due to limited availability, CASA registration forms are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis; therefore, we highly encourage you to complete, sign and return a CASA Registration Form as soon as possible if your family needs extended care.

CASA Registration Form
Cancellation/Change Policy

Fees will not be adjusted or refunded for absences, early pick-ups, unanticipated calendar changes, closings due to inclement weather or other situations. To change or cancel a CASA registration, families must submit their written request to the School at least thirty (30) days in advance of the date of desired change or cancellation.

Late Pick-ups

Students must be picked up from CASA by 6 p.m. If a family realizes they will be late, we ask they call the front office in advance. Students picked up after 6 p.m. will be billed at a rate of $5.25 per child for every 15 minutes past 6 p.m.