Montessori Alumni
Alumni of Greensboro Montessori School
Our alumni are beloved members of the Greensboro Montessori School community. Sometimes they return to volunteer and often they come back to visit with their teachers, or to talk about their Montessori experiences at our Open Houses and other curriculum events for parents. They always remember the community that nurtured them, and are willing to talk about how those early experiences shaped the people they have become.
A 2017 Survey of College-Age Alumni Revealed
  • GMS graduates scored an average of 30 on ACT. NC average is 19.
  • 100% of graduates began high school one year ahead of their peers in Spanish, testing out of Spanish 1 and taking Spanish 2 or 3.
  • 78% of graduates began high school one year ahed of their peers in Math, testing out of Math 1 and taking Math 2 or 3.
  • 42% of these alumni attended one of these three magnet high schools: The Early College at Guilford, The STEM Early College at NC A&T, and Weaver Academy for Performing and Visual Arts.
  • 96% of these graduates say they are successful adults because of their Montessori education.

Montessori alumni

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Read about Alumna, Hailey Hawkins, who is the recipient of the American University Public Service Scholarship

Help Us Find Lost Alums

Since GMS alumni can be found all over the world, we rely on both traditional post service and email to keep in contact. If you have an email address or a way to help us re-establish a GMS connection, please take a moment to email Family Relations Coordinator, Andi Bogan.

“GMS really helped me develop my skills as a leader.”
Maggie Dunn, GMS class of 2011,  Grimsley High School – IB Diploma, Colgate University, Partnership Representative for Carbon Lighthouse

“GMS really prepared me for active learning and not just rote memorization. For instance, GMS helped us to learn the difference between spouting out facts about the American Revolution and really understanding what was going on in that time period and why it is important to know and, even if I’m not going to

Quotes from recent GMS alumni

be a history teacher, why it’s important to my life.”
Bridget Lavender, GMS class of 2010, Weaver Academy Valedictorian, Davidson College, University of Pennsylvania Law School

Elizabeth Weathersby giving her valedictorian speech at Weaver Academy

“Through Middle School at GMS, I got to play at lot of sports, and that was great. I learned through that experience that I shouldn’t underestimate my abilities, and that I shouldn’t not try something.”
Elizabeth Weathersby, GMS class of 2011, Valedictorian at Weaver Academy, University of Mississippi – Honors College

Elizabeth is one of three valedictorians at Weaver Academy, who are GMS alumni.


“Like Montessori, the IB program at Grimsley focuses less on the individualistic view of the student and more on creating a global view for

each student. You know that you really have to work TOGETHER in order to achieve something. It’s less about “I did it” and more about “We did it.”
Melisa Yuce, GMS class of 2011, Grimsley High School – IB Diploma, Wake Forest University

“Going to Montessori you learn what it takes to keep up with your work and do it ahead of time and the importance of being diligent.”
Aubrey King, GMS class of 2012, Early College at Guilford graduate, Washington University, Software Engineer with Amazon