Morgan Radford attended GMS from the time she was a toddler until graduating from the 8th grade in 2001. After GMS, she went on to Grimsley High School then began her undergraduate work at Duke University. She transferred to Harvard University where she completed her degree in Social Studies in 2009. Morgan spent the following year as a Fulbright Scholar working and studying in South Africa where she had the once in a lifetime opportunity to work with international dignitaries and meet Nelson Mandela, himself.

Upon returning the United States Morgan decided to pursue a career in journalism, and landed her first job working for ABC News in NYC. In 2013 she joined the ranks of Aljazeera America where she hosted Saturday and Sunday mornings news shows. In 2015 she moved over to NBC where she is a reporter for the Today Show. Read about Morgan Radford joining the NBC News network.

For those GMS teachers that knew Morgan when she was very young, there was always the inkling that she was destined for greatness. She is a passionate, confident, hard working and highly motivated young lady guided by a loving and supportive family and an education that is second to none. She exemplifies the GMS Portrait of a Graduate like no other! Equally as ambitious and charismatic is Morgan's brother, Miller Radford, who graduated from GMS in 2006, went on to get his degree from U Penn at Philadelphia, and spent a year in Malaysia studying and working as a Fulbright Scholar. These Montessori alumni embody the portrait of a graduate.