Collaborating with colleagues speaks of community and shows our students that we support each others work.  Lower elementary art students have been  helping our librarian Erin Carmola with her reading challenge called Reading is a Piece of Cake. Students are helping to promote the reading challenge by creating pieces of cake in art class.  These will be displayed on the bulletin board outside the library.  The element of art we are studying in October is line.  Look for a variety of lines used in these delectable looking pieces of cake. Notice how each artist uniquely expresses their interpretation of a piece of cake.

Reading is a Piece of Cake

IMG_0106 IMG_0108

IMG_0078                          IMG_0105




Three -dimensional line work

3 dimensional line work.



Collaborating with Upper Elementary Teachers

5th level upper elementary students are studying about Rome and we have been making mosaics in art.  This has been a valuable learning experience.  Students have learned that art is a process that evolves over time. They have used problem solving skills when realizing their design was too detailed for the mosaic pieces to work in their image.  Reworking the design became a natural part of this learning process.  This process has been grueling at times but upper elementary students are very proud of their finished pieces!

Mosaics Designed By Upper Elementary Students

IMG_0112          IMG_0093


Grouting is the next step in this mosaic.

Grouting is the next step in this mosaic.

All this fabulous art work will be coming home at the end of this first trimester.

Art and music will be working together to create scenery and costumes for upcoming winter concerts. Students love when their classes overlap and there is continuity in their day.  It is such a blessing to work with such talented colleagues and to come alongside such eager learners.