“I want to live in a way that lines up with my values."

Bridget Lavender, GMS alumna Class of 2010 and currently a sophomore at Davidson College (NC), says she loves interdisciplinary studies and was drawn to Davidson because of its passion for and commitment to liberal arts education. According to Bridget, Davidson College espouses the same philosophy of learning as GMS. “I’ve always had a love of learning. And I believe that education has intrinsic value, and is not just a means to an end,” she says.
While at Davidson, Bridget is pursuing a dual degree in Communications and Gender Studies with a focus on Social Justice. The 2012 valedictorian of Weaver Academy has been honing her oral and written communications skills for a long time, and in addition to her academic pursuits, she also works as a news writer for the Davidson College Communications Office, tutors at the campus writing center (offering support to fellow undergrads), and serves as an ambassador and tour guide for the admissions office. Not only that, but she gets plenty of opportunity for public speaking as president of the college Democrats. She was propelled to this role after interning for the 2014 campaign to re-elect Kay Hagan to the US Senate.
Being an advocate for social justice is something that lives at Bridget’s core. “At Montessori, I was surrounded by people who helped me realize that I could change the world,” she says. “We studied people who made a difference in the world and there was always a respect for all living things.” When she was in 6th grade, her family lived in New Zealand for a short time and she says that she will never forget her visit to a Greenpeace boat. That experience cemented her passion for animal welfare; a passion carries through to her current initiative as a founding member of the Davidson Animal Welfare Group (DAWG, for short).
 When asked “where do you see yourself in the future?” Bridget shared with us that she could see herself continuing to work with a non-profit organization that is committed to advancing the cause of animal rights. “I’ve always been an empathetic person, and I want to live in a way that lines up with my values.”
Bridget and her younger brother, Spencer, enrolled at GMS in 2002 when their family first moved to Greensboro. She is the daughter of Larry Lavender and Beth Ritson Lavender. Spencer is currently a senior at Greensboro College Middle College. We look forward to sharing more about his rock climbing expeditions and upcoming college plans very soon.