We recently had the pleasure to do a personal interview with our GMSCA outreach coordinator, Rebecca Sheridan. Becca is such a down to earth and approachable person, and we are eager for you to meet her, in case you haven’t already. We also wanted to learn more about how she is enjoying her first year working with the GMSCA cultivating the Outreach Committee!

GMSCA: Hi Becca! Thank you for agreeing to be our GMSCA family feature! We’ve been very excited with all of the outreach and social activities this school year. It's been great to meet and hang out with other families. Tell us about the outreach program.
Becca: The Outreach Committee focuses on the social aspect of being part of a school community. Its focus evolves a bit every year based on the school’s and GMSCA's needs. This year the focus has been to welcome new families and foster further connections with our established families. Our members help coordinate small group gatherings like parents nights, coffee socials and playdates, and connect our new folks with established families based on something that they may have in common, which may be as simple as being in the same classroom. This spring we had a couple of occasions where some moms met at a local restaurant for dinner. It included moms from every level in the school and lots of people met each other for the first time. This month we are encouraging everyone to meet up at the Green & White Bash. We will also have a couple playdates over the summer to get acquainted with new families and welcome them to our community. I really enjoy social events and connecting with new people, so the Outreach Committee seemed like good fit for me.
GMSCA: Tell us about what brought you and your family to GMS.
Becca: Eric and I fell in love with the campus and the people from our first tour! We felt very connected to the teaching philosophy and the respect the students receive. We also really appreciated the opportunity for children to learn at their own pace and the aspects of peer learning that the children engage in as they grow.
GMSCA: What is your favorite thing about GMS?
Becca: Our kids learn so much about being great independent people and being a positive part of a community. The collective talent in our staff is so amazing and they not only teach our kids, but educate us too! For example, I think the independence that the children develop from an early age is beyond eye opening. Seeing what my kids are capable of in the classroom has really caused me to grow as a parent and encourages me to challenge and support them to have greater independence at home too. I guess I love that the school has helped me grow in addition to helping my kids grow!
GMSCA: Tell us a little about your family!
Becca:  We are in our third year and we have two children at GMS - Aidan who is in Primary with Catherine and Stacy and Ana who started this year in the Toddler program with Skye and Marie. Before becoming a mom I was a physical therapist and Eric is a software engineer who runs his own business here in Greensboro. We moved to the area in 2013!
GMSCA: Thanks so much for your time Becca, and for volunteering to take on this important role with the GMSCA. Your work is helping to expand the network of support and friendship that our families feel.