Elementary and Middle School students at Greensboro Montessori School work and play hard in their physical education classes.  Lower Elementary works out 1 day a week for 55 minutes, Upper Elementary works out 2 days a week for 50 minutes and Middle School works out twice a week for 55 minutes. Early in the school year, each class starts off with a fitness evaluation. In this evaluation, we test each student's 1) resting heart rate, 2) muscle strength with push-ups and sit-ups, 3) cardiovascular levels with 1/2 mile or 1 mile walk/jog and 4) flexibility with the sit-n-reach test. The first test is a benchmark for the year; then each student will do a retest before Winter Break and again before summer break.

So far this fall we have completed units on soccer and football.  In soccer, students, practiced all the foot skills associated with that sport. Soccer is still the favorite sport of every class - Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary and Middle School.  We then moved into a unit about American football.  To keep all the students interested,  we changed it up and converted the game of ultimate frisbee to ultimate football. Students got plenty of practice with eye hand coordination skills, team work skills and had a fast moving game to play at the same time. This unit worked in conjunction with the Middle School after school sports program  All of the age groups are getting to develop their skills towards the big goal of playing on the middle school flag football team.

Occasionally we take a break from the schedule and work on our teamwork skills with a good ol'game of floor hockey or kickball.